Suits and Sage is a bimonthly lifestyle, pop culture,

current events and whatever it wants to be magazine

in operation since 2020. The magazine originated on

Instagram with 4 issues before moving to its own platform.

Zahra Siddiqui

howdy!! i’m zahra, and i’m in my freshman year of west chester university studying business and data management (gross, i know). i’ve written a few pieces for my old high school newspaper, but most of my writing tends to be recreational/for myself. outside of that, i’ve done some work in management positions. i also consume an unhealthy amount of media ranging from books to movies to podcasts to video games, so do what you will with that :)

Liv Johnston

hi! i’m liv johnston and i’m a freshman at swarthmore college, planning to double major in english and education. i was a writer and editor for both my high school’s newspaper and creative writing magazine, and i plan to continue such work throughout college. i’ve also been an intern at a local library and now spend all of my time studying in campus libraries, so i’m constantly surrounded by books and writing!

Steph Prizhitomsky

Hey I’m Steph! I’m a screenwriter/playwright/director, the head screenwriter of FIF Productions, co-founder of the White Rabbit Film Festival, screenwriter/director of Imagine Networks’ horror miniseries Distress Signals, playwright/director of Vincent’s at the Player’s Theatre, Under the Limelight at the Rogue Theatre Festival, and Limbo’s Woodland and Strangers in a City at the Chain Theatre. Limbo's Woodland has been published in Fleas on the Dog Literary Magazine, and Sweet Dreams Sunset has been published in the 'Et Tu, Brute?' Play Anthology.