November 13th 2020

Cover photography by Hana Rusi

Some more people in the entertainment industry that you should know

Ynes Lopez: Filmmaker

Tagged account: @Ynes Lopez

"Hey! My name is Ynes Lopez and I'm a filmmaker based in NYC. I've been in love with filmmaking for as long as I could hold a phone, my earliest work being silly stop motions of my Barbie dolls as young as 8 years old!

I've always been a visual person. I love to paint and design tattoos, but there's just something about visual storytelling that I've always been drawn to. I recently joined Future is Female Productions, where I'll be working as one of the editors and the storyboard artist.

The biggest piece of advice I'd give to rising filmmakers is to keep practicing! Whether it be working on your own short films on watching tutorials on how to work editing software, your time is valuable and there's always something new to learn."

-Ynes Lopez

Natalie Wicik

Tagged account: @nataliewicik

"I am Natalie Wicik, a cinematographer and producer in my upcoming film by the Female in Film Production Team. We decided to create a team of amazing young women to make a powerful production team. You can also find me in commercials and other short films. I am from New City, the big red apple & where dreams come true."

"I am a high schooler attending school in Manhattan and first got my start in a few school plays at my summer camp at 8 years old. We didn't have a choice to opt out of the school play which I was lowkey excited for even if I didn't show it and already planned in advance on how to make myself stick out as an extra in the play Alice and Wonderland. What automatically started my interest in getting into the spotlight of acting was the emotion actors were giving out and how you were able to express yourself. I grew up watching plenty of tv shows and movies. I started comparing their quality and acting which led me to be picky in choosing the perfect show/movie to watch. This has led me to wanting to direct films to which me and a group of girls created a female only production team.

I simply can not bring myself to watch a bad quality movie. In middle school at 12 years old I brought myself to join the drama club to which didn't interest me since I didn't enjoy theater. I think it was mostly because I had a fascination on how camera angles and lighting were used which wasn't included in theater. After quitting drama club I didn't know how to get myself in the industry especially since I didn't know much about which agencies are scams. I didn't push myself until it drove me anxious that I wasn't pursuing what I felt was my passion. The more I watched television the more the actors ability to range emotions inspired me to want to pursue acting. Now 1 and a half years later I am in high school and have been cast in a few short films, some major commercials and have been scouted in a modeling commercial.

If I were to give advice it would be to not depend on anyone early on in life because you will have that mindset to always need someone alongside you when achieving your accomplishments. This will help you a lot when no one is there for you at moments even when you are always there for them. When going through hard times, always have a positive mindset even when it's hard to have and you will meet some great, new people in life and make some good memories. My favorite memory was attending my first major commercial shot in Bryant Park for a cookie company. Oh and when you get a bad feeling on a certain shoot just don't go, it's better to be safe than sorry. Especially for the starting up models out there. I've been there, don't do it."

-Natalie Wicik

Cailyn Peddle: Actor

Tagged account: @cailynpeddle

My name is Cailyn Peddle and I am an actor! I started acting when I was six when I performed in my first musical but didn't perform in my first professional show until I was thirteen. I started on-camera work in January of 2018, just doing small background roles and student films.

I currently am working up through auditions and constantly training. I performed Off-Broadway in the summer of 2019, which was such an incredible experience. My favorite memory performing, though, probably would be working on the set of Hunters on Amazon Prime. I had a very small role, but it was such a surreal experience. It was set in the Holocaust and after learning about that time period for years it was truly eye-opening to see just a small glimpse into that world. Most of my scene was cut, but that job will always stick with me.

If I could give advice to anyone just starting out, it would be to train first. Many people try to jump right into getting representation and jobs, but everyone starts somewhere, and having a solid foundation to your career is definitely helpful. If you are passionate about it, don't give up!!"

-Cailyn Peddle