February 10th 2021

Part 2: The Cast of YJLM

Featuring video interviews from Arwen-Vira Marsh, Jenna Rose, and Jordan Gallimore

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What first drew you to the role you audition for?

"Initially I had auditioned for Zara solely because she was the main character in the film. I was thrilled when FIF Productions offered me a callback, even if it was for the role of Jess. Immediately upon studying Jess' lines, I realized that I was a much better fit for her character. I connected with Jess and felt more freedom to be creative with her lines and reactions. Now I know that getting the "main" role isn't nearly as important as the quality of work the actor puts into their character. That being said, I couldn't be more grateful to have been rejected for the role of Zara."

What was it like working on a set post COVID?

"Working on a set post COVID was a simple challenge to overcome. The only main difference was having to wear a mask on set and filling out health forms pre-shoot. As long as everyone's safety was ensured beforehand, the shoot went smoothly."

Favorite scene to film?

"My favorite scene to film was the one where me and Zara talk on the rock in Central Park. Me and Zara both had our longest monologues in this scene, and I felt like we got to dive into our characters the most in this out of all the scenes we filmed."

Favorite moment on set?

"My favorite moment on set was at Taylor's house playing pong and hanging out with the cast and crew. I loved meeting and making friends with everyone on set!"

Hardest scene to film?

"The hardest scene to film was the one where Jess and Zara are about to walk into the party and run into Katie and Andrew. Me and Arwen had to be sure to walk in one time and listen for our que since we were coming from off screen. Getting this right fast was important because it was FREEZING outside, and we were in dresses. I loved filming all the scenes, but this one was for sure the most unpleasant."

What are you most excited for now that the film has wrapped?

"I am most excited to share this film with my friends and family, as well as potential agents and collaborators as my acting career develops further."