The General. 

Peter and George are facing a crossroads in their relationship. Will an impromptu trip on the Staten Island Ferry help them mend their broken fences?

A play by David Taylor Little

Napoleon Entering Brighton Beach

A man purporting to be Napoleon Bonaparte suddenly appears on a near

empty public beach near Coney Island and asks directions of a woman who is

watching her husband, a solitary ocean swimmer. An amusing distraction becomes

personal and turns dangerous. Sometimes – oftentimes- it is best not to talk to


A play by Lawrence DuKore

Things I Think About When We Say Grace

A play by Phoebe Levitsky

I Can Fly

In this monologue, a student named Teri realizes they are "different" only when

Mother begins to cover it up and a friend advises Teri to keep it a secret. Teri learns that others

also have secrets, but secrets may become harmful and dangerous.

A monologue by Gary Sironen


A play by Madilyn Lopez


A short story by Phoebe Levitsky